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About Clinic CRM

CRM solutions:
The best way to manage your patients

Introducing ClinicalConnect, your ultimate solution to seamlessly streamline all your clinical processes into efficient and actionable pipelines. Whether it's patient qualification, treatment progress tracking, or post-care management, ClinicalConnect brings together different teams to collaborate effortlessly, ensuring your patients receive the best possible care and experience.

  • Manage your patients medical & treatment records
  • Digitize your Clinic into complete paperless
  • Access Patients medical records from anytime anywhere
  • Optimize your finances with

Clinic CRM Features

To make your practice truly paperless

Patient Treatment Records

Store treatment details, patient complaints, observations and diagnosis, investigations and lab reports.

Appointments & Schedule

Automatic email and SMS confirmations are sent as well as remainder notifications.


Prescriptions can be stored, and shared with patients through email or SMS

Invoice & Billing

Easily generate bills using just click of the buttons

Expense Management

Manage accounts through various reports that also include patient fees.

Marketing & Campaigns

Communicate with multiple patients at one time through SMS and email campaigns.

Clinic CRM will enhance patient experience across all facilities.

Enhance your clinical team's alignment, efficiency, and productivity with customizable workflows tailored to your specific needs

The Complete Solutions

Clinical CRM Solution: A comprehensive CRM system designed for healthcare,
streamlining patient management and enhancing communication

Quick Integration

Clinical CRM integration: Fast and easy connection with any system

Effortless Integration

Revolutionize healthcare marketing with Clinical CRM's powerful automation tools

Advanced Analytics

Data-driven insights for better
patient outcomes

Appointment Management
- From Start to End

Seamlessly handle appointments from start to finish with our clinical CRM. Simplify scheduling, reminders, and follow-ups for better patient care

Appointment Schedule on Website & call fowllowup

Automate Follow

Schedule Appointment comformation by reseption

Book Appointment

create patient profile, history, medical files in records

Create patient

Schedule following visit with doctor


Patient records

Efficiently manage patient records with our advanced clinical CRM. Access, update, and secure vital patient information for enhanced care.

Profile and Basic Info

Store every patient’s basic info and contact details at one place. Add family members contacts, and auto send wishes to your patients.

Appointment History

Within each patient’s account, view all previous appointments requested, cancelled and done.

Diagnosis Record

Don’t miss out on old or new reports, prescriptions or treatment history. Dig in anytime into past data and update yourself with every case.

Due Check-Ups

Within each patient’s profile is their calendar that lets you see the due check-up dates and other important dates with the patient.

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